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Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs

  • How do I join a club involved in the pursuit of pike?
    You can get in touch with any of the committee members in the contact section or join the forum and post your query there or send a message in our Facebook page.
  • How much is it to enter a qualifier?
    It is €25 including €5 pools for heaviest fish.
  • If I am not a member of a club can I still partake in a qualifier?
    Yes of course you can. You can join a club on the day for €10 which will cover you for the whole qualifier season, which runs from May of the present year to April of the following year. You can also join this special qualifier club online.
  • Can I bring my son or daughter to a qualifier or competition organised by IFPAC?
    All qualifiers are adult based, i.e. 18 years old or over. However, a number of clubs hold junior qualifiers for a Junior Final held annually. We can put you in touch with one of these clubs if you wish.
  • If I want to enter the 4-man team event held every November, how will I enter if I am not a member of a club?
    You do not have to be a member of any club to enter. You can arrive on the day and either use another club identity if the club allows, for example, call it Club B Team or whatever, or there is always a club missing a team member that you can fill in for the absence.
  • If I become a sponsor, how many people and members will hear of my Brand, and how will I communicate my Brand to them?
    5000 plus, and you can communicate to them via our website in the hospitality section.
  • If I become a sponsor, can I put offers on your website? Do I have the right to email offers to club members directly to them, or can the federation do this on my behalf?
    Of course, you can – we actually encourage businesses to do so. The federation can do this on your behalf, as there might be some GDPR issues.

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