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  • Annual Competitions
  • UK Competitions
  • Local Competitions

Annual Competitions

Our annual competitions consist of the Inter Club 4-man team event which is normally held in November. Clubs from all over Ireland enter as many 4-man teams as they wish. Meeting point is arranged by Competition Officer where all clubs entering teams fill in a check-in-form nominating their team captains. Entry fee is set at €25 per team member.


Each team member has to nominate which lake or section of river they wish to fish. Once venue is chosen the team member has to stay at that chosen venue and cannot move to another venue. The winning team receives a silver cup that the club can retain for a year.

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UK Competition

The UK/Great-Britain yearly competition is always held on the 1st weekend of October on alternate years. For example, the International will be held in England this year.

IFPAC hold monthly competitions (qualifiers) whereby the top 5 weights go through to compete in the Final (normally held in April of each year) where the top 10 bag weights are selected as the Irish Team against Great Britain/UK. New Irish team members receive the coveted 'Green Blazer' to wear at the International or any events representing IFPAC.

Local Competition

A lot of clubs will hold their own leagues and open competitions which can be advertised on IFPAC's website/Facebook site or their own club websites if they have one.

Testimonials from clubs or members

"I always look forward to the 4-man Interclub Competition every year as it creates a great camaraderie between anglers and clubs."


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